Sunday, August 4

Home Sweet First Home

For the past three or so years, Eric and I have been living in a teeny tiny rental house. When I say tiny, I am not exaggerating at all.  The 3 of us and all our stuff was crammed into 750 square feet.

When Eric and I started talking about turning the three of us into the four of us, we knew that we need to make more than a few big changes. On top of the list was getting a bigger place.  We talked about renting a bigger house, but the rental market around here is slim pickings.  So we decided to hold off on baby number 2 until we could buy. We called the financial officer at our bank just to see what we needed to get in order to move toward that goal.  We where excited and shocked to learn that we where already in a position to buy if we wanted.

As anyone who has bought a house knows, its a long and frustrating process. But we where not expecting the house hunting part to be as daunting as it was. Turns out that the housing market around here hasn't fully got back on its feet, and there where very few houses for sale in our price range.  Even fewer that I would ever consider moving my family into.

We ran into the problem of a lot of them also being small  ranch style houses. Now, I am not knocking people who love their ranches, but they just aren't my cup of tea. Well, the small ones aren't anyway. I have seen a few with more square footage that I really liked. Mostly I don't like that the living space is normally just one small living room and kitchen at one side of the house and the rest of the house is all hallway and bedrooms.

One of the first houses we looked at was this beauty.

I loved it right away, but the same could not be said for Eric.  He was really wanting something that was a little newer.  This house was built in the 40's with a 70's addition on the back.  We looked at a little ranch that had brand new windows ( a HUGE selling point for the hubby), that Eric was rooting for.  But it was...a little ranch...sigh.  What followed was an argument that was not pretty (just keeping it honest).  But in the end we both agreed that that more room was better than new windows. ;)

 Then came the part we actually tried to buy the thing. The home owner turned down both offers we made. So we started looking again, but there was just nothing good on the market. Eventually we ended up switching realtors for personal reasons ( she repeatedly told me that I wanted to much and I needed to settle, but sense she never took the time to, you know, ask what I wanted in a house, I don't know how she knew I wanted to much)

So finally we ended up contacting the homeowner's Realtor in the hopes that 6% of the commission vs. 3% would make him encourage his client to work with us on the offer.

A few months later we where finally moving into our first home!

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  1. Congratulations, I know how excited the both of you must be.


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