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A Girl's Dinosaur Party and...I'm Back!

After a year of radio silence from me, I am finally taking the time to sit down and write this post.  Despite the fact that Lilly's party was over six months ago.  I have actually kind of missed my little piece of the blogger world. I have no idea why it took me so long to log back on..But hey, better late than never right? Right. So with out further ado here is Lilly's Dinosaur party......

    Yep, you read that right.   My girl is anything if not original.  This theme was definitely not what I had in mind.  But I was shooting for unique and creative, and a girl's Dino party is definitely that.

 So I searched for a little inspiration; which, not surprisingly, there was not a lot of. At least not aimed for girls.

 These cute cupcake toppers ended up being my main source of inspiration. I even stuck with the Pink, Yellow and Orange color scheme they have going on. They are from PinWheelLane on Etsy, if anyone is interested.

I had a hard time "getting in the groove" with this party theme though, despite living on Pinterest for a month.

  The first thing I did was ran to my local Wallie World ( Walmart is the only thing in my little town) and bought the Dino Play cartridge for my cricut and whipped up these little babies.

Sitting down and actually making something really helped me get my creative wheels turning. So when it was party time, there where actually some pretty cool decorations, if I do say so myself.

This was the view out side as the guests arrived. These pictures didn't turn out so great. Do to the camera drama I have been having, I was using my Papal's camera, and I wasn't very familiar with it.

 I got the idea for this Zig Zag piece from here. Though I tweaked it so that the streamers where hanging from a PVC pipe wrapped in crepe paper.  The idea was to hang it over the rectangle table the kids where going to eat at, but  we ended up with a round table. So this guy got to hang out over the entry/ favor table instead.

 Speaking of the favor table, it had to do double duty. So I made this little sign to people know that the hats where for now, but the favors where for later.  Lilly loved that the cartoon girl was supposed to be her.

 Also, you can see here one of my failed attempts to spray paint a plastic dinosaur.  As far as I can guess, I think I got the wrong kind of spray paint. It did not want to cover and stayed sticky even after a week of drying outside. Lesson learned though. Make sure to get paint meant for plastic.

  I ordered these hats from amazon for about 15$.  I only decorated Lilly's hat, but if I had thought about it, it would have been an awesome craft for the kids to do at the party.

The mini Dino crayon favors I ordered from Etsy where a favorite of mine. They came per-wrapped, but I added my own ribbon and favor tags to tie into the "girly-ness" of the party.

 I really do wish the pictures had turned out better, because the decorations where so much cuter in person! But do you see the Dino shaped sandwiches in the corner of the above picture? Nutella and PB&J my friends, the kids loved 'em.  But the Dino nuggets where really what they all went for.  I just kept it simple, and it turned out great.


 But I did throw in some healthy stuff y'all.   We had veggie cups, grapes, applesauce and apple juice.  Though I guess it depends on who you ask if you consider the last two healthy.

  This photo garland is a tradition. I add a few more photos every year so that it spans from birth to her current birthday.  Its nice to see how much she has grown and changed every year.

  I made the cupcakes this year, though I have bought them from the grocery store before to save time. I actually had almost everything ready for the party well in advance so I had time to make them this year.

  The real star of the party was the Dino Dig though. The kids spent forever out there digging up their bones.  I ordered the plastic bones from Oriental Trading, and simply buried them in the sand for the kiddo's to dig up with their paint brushes.

We also had a "Dino Egg Hunt".   I made large eggs out of clay and painted them. We hide them before the kids got there in the "wild" (aka the back lot)  part of the yard.

We actually did the egg hunt before we ate to let the kids get all their pent up energy and excitement out. It worked like a charm and the kids had a great time.

And maybe the big kids did too :) Also linking up to one of my fav blogs, Birds's Party Blog.


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